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Just landed..?

Guest joonhoshin

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Guest joonhoshin

Hey guys..


found this site today and thought i'd just intro myself..


im just a f/o on korean airlines after flying for 5years


pretty lucky though bcos i got the job through contacts..


so im rostered on flights for syd to icn and back


well hope to meet more of you guys soon





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Hey guys..Im just a f/o on korean airlines

Just a Flight Officer ... sounds impressive to me. Welcome aboard joonhoshin, good to have you here. Hopefully we'll get to hear more from you and perhaps you would like to share some of your experiences. For most of us familiarity with the heavies is either watching them fly by or sitting up back somewhere.


Had a look at Incheon Airport. It looks pretty impressive in this pic.









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Guest joonhoshin

that would be a good experience in itself...sharing experiences..


incheon airport is really nice..i suggest if you ever do get the chance


to actually visit Korea..the airport is pretty high tech..i think


it was like best airport in terms of interior design for quite a few year..



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