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To fly trough Amberley airspace...

Guest Tom

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What's the prerequisite... Or how you do it while flying... Is it a Flightwatch to contact re base being active or not?



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Hi Tom,


From my experience with Williamtown (also a Mil CTR) you should call ACD (Amberly Clearance Delivery) on 134.6 at the req'd contact point (usually 10nm prior CTR). If active you'll get the normal response. If inactive you would expect no response so then call TWR (Amberly Tower) on 118.3 which is also the MBZ freq.




time I passed Willy this was the sequence, however I got no response


from TWR but other a/c in the area confirmed that normal MBZ protocol


was in place.


To get clearance when active you should have a transponder and should have PPL.


Hope this helps,





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