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Aero-News Network and Microsoft Flight Simulator A


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Thu, 27 Jul '06


As Real As It Gets" Meets "As Real-Time As It Gets"


Aero-News Network, the 24/7 real-time news service for "all things aviation" and Microsoft Flight Simulator X, the world's premier PC-based flight simulation product, announced a partnership that will bring Aero-News' trusted news and resources directly to Microsoft Flight Simulator X pilots.


Scheduled to reach the shelves this October, Microsoft's Flight Simulator X website will make great use of Aero-News stories, content, photography and Aero-Audio products when the project is officially launched.


The collaboration with Aero-News Network (ANN) is a major program for both organizations. "We are very excited to be working with Aero-News Network, the leader in its field," said Hal Bryan, Microsoft's Flight Simulator Community Evangelist.


"We are pleased to make available Aero-News' in-depth real-world aviation content to our Flight Sim audience. It's a win-win for everyone, especially our consumers."


In addition to newsfeeds, links, and other resources, added Bryan, "other concepts with Aero-News are on the horizon."


Microsoft Flight Sim, the leader in desktop aviation simulation technology, has led the market for some 25 years. It's newest "X," or tenth, version promises to create an exceptionally rich and immersive 3D world for aviation enthusiasts. Graphics advancements will provide a new level of detail in both the models and realistic effects. Improvement of the multiplayer technology allows the community to connect in new ways. Additionally, Microsoft Flight Sim is adding a mission-based element to give users a sense of progression and skill development.


"With this partnership," added Bryan, we are dedicating ourselves to providing more consistency with the real world of aviation and bringing the real and virtual worlds of aviation together. This is about bringing ongoing content and enhancing value to our customers."


For Aero-News Network, the partnership not only brings the aviation world's daily news service to the massive and dedicated FlightSim community, but builds a valuable relationship with one of the most talented and experienced flight simulator development staffs in the world, according to Jim Campbell, ANN editor-in-chief.


"With this collaboration, said Campbell, "users will learn about aviation from Aero-News and experience it through Flight Sim. We are delighted to be involved in launching and facilitating the dreams of both current and future aviators."


Aero-News Network, serving the aviation world for nearly a decade, has fast become one of the most trusted sources for inside information on the aviation industry.


The source for news and "all things aviation," ANN provides real-time aviation news, columns, audio programming, features and event coverage, discussion boards, weather, aero-marketing, and much more. Said Campbell, "At Aero-News we have an unparalleled commitment to safety, consumer activism, aero-education and aero-entertainment. ANN delivers immediate, up-to-date information 24/7 on aerospace, general aviation, sport aviation, military flying and the commercial industry



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