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Guest check-in

I fly a Sonex out of Kilcoy. Often there on Sundays. Call me 0488 732 146 if you want a looksee.



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For any single place high performance ( but strictly recreational category )aerobatic types- Sonex has a new Onex under development, check the site for developments, cost around $35K total quick build



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I reckon the onex with a 2200 would be a winner! I'll just let a few rack up some time and prove the folding wing mechanism first though....


As far as quick build goes...mmm..if you have seen a savannah go together, you wouldnt call the sonex quick build. It is a very complete kit though and the plans/tech support are brilliant.


Anyway, I should be back in the workshop measuring, marking, cutting, drilling and deburing my way through the sonex ailerons:loopy:



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