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G'day to all. I'm Dennis Mitchell (usually Mitch) and fell across your community by accident while googling for Aussie kit arcraft.


I'm a 350 hour PPL with some early ultralight time (Jeep) and gliders (LS4 was the last flown). I've owned a GA aircraft in the past (TobagoTB10) but even though that was with a 50% partner, it was eye wateringly expensive.


So the search for something to build and fly that is quick (to build and also in cruise) and reasonably affordable. It'll be registered VH Experimental as Canberra is my home airport.


I bought an RV9 empennage kit from Jon Johanson last year but the hours it consumes for little progress has disheartened me. In the time spent so far to complete the VS and HS, I could have finished a whole airframe!


The Aeropup is close to my final choice, but I'm just doing a final review before I jump (i.e. cough up the dough!).


Glad to meet you all





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Guest airsick

Hey Mitch,


Good to hear from a local. Welcome to the forums. Sorry I can't help you out with the aircraft choice but a quick note - it doesn't have be VH experimental. My brother has an RA plane that we fly out of Canberra with no hassles.


Good luck with the build,





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Guest Flygirltake2

Hi Mitch


I'm a newbie too. I don't know much about what you are talking about but I know people I am sure do. Jon Johanson is the current figurehead for the young eagles program established by the RVAC. My instructor has an RV6 (I think) himself.


I am , as I said a newbie, so a bit unsure of protocols, so please let me know exactly what you need to know and if I can will endeavour to find out for you.


Kind regards





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Guest airsick

I currently fly 172's with Brindabella but am going to join the Canberra Aero Club shortly so I can fly theirs. My brother has a Pipistrel Virus that is registered RA.


I would be interested to see you RV kit. I am thinking about a RV7 kit myself (although it is a long way off yet).



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