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RV-9 with a Jabiru 3300

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  • 8 months later...

There are several RV-9A's flying with the 8 cyl Jabiru engine.


We have been thinking about configuring one to fit into RAA when/if the MAUW is lifted to 760kg.....maybe 2 yrs away, if it gets support....and GA is resisting the move. This would be under 'EXPERIMENTAL', and so unusable for training. A pity, but that's the law.


VANS have already used a Lycoming 0-235 in a -9A, with reasonable performance, and they indicate no objection to fitting the 120HP Jab 3300 6 cyl engine instead of the Lycoming.


So, that would allow for an AUW of 760kg, but the use of a Jabiru, and a light build of the -9A would easily fit it into this limit because the Lycoming unit was allowed to go to 1600lbs, or 727 kgs, under FAA rules for GA experimental.


It is about 80 lbs lighter, and so the VANS engine mounts for the 0-235 will be too short. Jabiru say that they have the right engine mounts on the drawing board, and they say that the longer cowling made for the 8 cyl Jabiru can be trimmed to fit the 6 cyl engine.


Anyway, with the A$ now at US$ 0.68 - there's going to be a real decline in importations of anything.





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