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Aviation insurance questions?

Guest Robbo

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Guest Robbo

Gday all


I see that the RA Aus student pilot application fee includes 3rd party insurance. What is the actual coverage provided by this policy??


Does it cover property other than the aircraft you are flying? What about personal injury/death of bystander, what about if your carrying a passenger??, are you covered if they make a claim against you??


If you hire an aircraft from your RA-aus flying school. Does that aircraft have adequate coverage if something amiss happens when you hire it?? or do hirers get their own insurance?


Thanks for your time guys





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RAA members insurance covers personal injury caused to a third party on the ground.


EG - you crash your plane into a strangers house. In doing so you break the occupants leg. RAA insurance will cover the broken leg/pain/suffering but willNOT cover damage to the house (or the plane), injuries done to you (or toany passenger you may of had with you).


I am open to correction on this...........



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Guest GA/Triker

While we are talking about insurance. Taking all things into consideration is insurance a worthwhile option for my $30K Airborne Trike? I plan to trailer it around a couple of times also so getting damaged during transit is a serious consideration.


The next question is, which companies out there will insure it and what are the premiums liekly to be. The answer to these quations, I am told, has left many similar aircraft un-insured with owners just hoping "it doesn't happen to them".





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