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912 uls sprag clutch

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Hi team,


Has anyone else had a problem with the sprag clutch in the 912uls engine.


The more I investigate it would appear that there is an issue with this configuration especially if the smaller starter motor is installed. Most of the problems are documented on the matronics web site forum in the europa digest. http://www.matronics.com/listbrowse/europa-list/index.html


It is required to change the sprag clutch circlip at 1200 hours for a slightly larger one, but there seems to be a few, like mine, that break earlier, and in my case go through the engine.


Before this happened I don't think I had even heard of a sprag clutch.


Anyway, any feedback will be great!








Wait a minute... is that John... no no surely not! gtblu



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G'day Gtblu,


I have had the same troubles with my Rotax 912, It seems the sprag clutch is not engaging.. I would really like to know any feedback of sorting/investigating your problem..Mine needs changing, is it hard to replace yourself?Could you reply asap..





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