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Guest maverick898

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Guest maverick898

hello people ive reading been reading this forum for a little while now and think its great. i have couple of questions if you wouldn't mind answering. i finished yr12 a year ago and im super keen to work hard and get my commercial license eventually. now where would be the best the place to start, i live in Newcastle and really dont want to travel to sydney training due to travel unless its cheaper and better quality training. what price should i be looking for each course. and is there anything tips i should know to help prepare.


thanks a million



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Hi maverick,


You could try some of these sites. There are pilot cadet courses that might be in the running for what you want.










Hope these help somewhat, Im not sure how you would go about working your way up through the ranks starting in RA-Aus. Maybe some other forum members could help you out.





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Guest Juliette Lima

Hi Maverick898,


Good for you that you have such healthy ambition.


You did say that you would like to get your commercial licence eventually, which presumes you might start with Recreation, GA, or even Gliding to learn the basics....don't dismiss gliding for the best stick and rudder skills acquisition....I've read that it is mandatory in some European Air forces.


Recreational flying is also a huge step toward your ambition.


In your region there are GA schools at Maitland and Cessnock as well as a couple of great Recreational flying instructors based at Cessnock. Gliding operations are a bit further away at Warkworth.


As far as quality instruction is concerned, there is a very highly regarded instructor who instructs from Cessnock, and more recently has become the CFI at Scone.


Every best wish and stay "super keen"...







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Guest maverick898

thanks people for your recommendations ive just to way my financial status because all my money is in england cos ive been living there for the last 4 months but none the less thanks or all your help ;)



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