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A link to the CASA Flight Safety Magazine

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Guest babs1aus

A great magazine and definitely a must read for all pilots just to let you know everyone is human everyone makes mistakes. Reading the articles in this magazine taking onboard the mistakes of others and understanding the events. Our own mistakes will hopefully be at the small forgiving end of the scale.



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Guest sypkens

Thanks turtle.


I happened to stumble across a copy many month ago in a doctors surgery and have been meaning to try and subscribe to a copy. I got the impression it is distributed to GA pilots from CASA free of charge?


I find the articles compelling reading and would quite happily pay an extra premium to have this magazine included on my RAA annual costs as part of my renewal.


Does anybody else share this sentiment?





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Guest Guest

This was visited a while back through other channels via a request to RA-Aus to provide information to CASA for the purposes of distribution and it was rejected - due to privacy of the RA-Aus register.


Also, the RA-Aus were approached to provide member details to the Aviation Trader publisher (who requested it to benefit members) and that was rejected on privacy grounds also.


You need a valid CASA medical to be eligible for the flight safety magazine in the present system, however the good news is that it's fully available on-line anyway.


As for the Aviation Trader, I've heard that if you call the publisher with your aircraft details they "may" add you to their mailing list. The Aviation Trader currently ships to registered GA aircraft operators.





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A link to the CASA Flight Safety Magazine:-


Turtle's opening in this post has the CASA link to the Magazine! It is downloadable and a very important read for us all.....!







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