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verner engines for trikes

Guest RIC

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I'm curious to know if anyone has any interest or knowledge about the vm133s/mk motor & what sort of prop to use on Airborne trikes. My reason is the simplicity of the motor/cheaper costs to buy/to run,repair & generally a hassle free motor.In my small research to date they seem very popular in Europe & have been certified in many countries including Australia.At around 80hp they appear to be good for utralights as well weight in around 70kg with most of the goodies, fuel is 8-9 lts phr @ 3/4 throttle in a trike. Price is around $11500. So please send me your thoughts.


Cheers Ric.;)



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Guest Andys@coffs

I think the issue you'll have is that commercially built trikes fly under 95.32 and as such are capable of a pilot and passenger. To remain in 95.32 you cant substatively modify the trike. to take off the 582 and or 912 and replace it with something else see you needing to fly under 95.10 and that may be an issue if you understand the 95.10 restrictions (for example no passenger)


Anybody else? have I understood 95.32 and 95.10 correctly?





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You are quite correct Andy.


Many European countries have similar restrictions to ours and, AFAIK, there aren't any trikes certified there with Verner engines.


A UK acquaintance of mine ordered an X-Air with one - I lost touch with him but heard that he gave up on it and used a 582 instead. I don't know if that was due to problems with the engine itself or simply the length of time it was taking to get it approved.


So not much help I'm afraid - Sorry Ric !





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