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Pilot safety workshops

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<H1>Pilot safety workshops</H1>


<H2>Workshop outline</H2>Join experts from the ATSB, AusSAR, Bureau of Meteorology, CASA and Airservices on a real CSI – Crash Scene Investigation.




<H2>Registration</H2>Limited seating so bookings are essential.


Download the registration form or telephone Toni Guenther 131 757.


<H2>Dates and Venues


(All sessions are from 10am – 4pm)</H2>


<TABLE =horiz>






<TH vAlign=top width="20%">Location</TH>


<TH vAlign=top width="30%">Date</TH>


<TH vAlign=top width="50%">Venue</TH></TR>




<TD vAlign=top>Adelaide</TD>


<TD vAlign=top>20 May 2006</TD>


<TD vAlign=top>Glenelg Stamford Grand,


Moseley Square</TD></TR>




<TD vAlign=top>Perth</TD>


<TD vAlign=top>24 June 2006</TD>


<TD vAlign=top>Rendezvous Observation City,


The Esplanade Scarborough Beach</TD></TR>




<TD vAlign=top>Darwin</TD>


<TD vAlign=top>15 July 2006</TD>


<TD vAlign=top>Museum & Art Gallery of the Northern Territory


Conacher St


Bullocky Point, Darwin</TD></TR>




<TD vAlign=top>Brisbane</TD>


<TD vAlign=top>19 August 2006</TD>


<TD vAlign=top>Bardon Conference Centre


390 Simpson Road






<TD vAlign=top>Hobart</TD>


<TD vAlign=top>16 September 2006</TD>


<TD vAlign=top>The Henry Jones Hotel


25 Hunter St





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