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What Jab is this?


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The straight skinny legs indicate a very early model like LSA55. Their tail are less high than an adult's height. J160's are much taller and have much thicker and curved UC and later J160 apparently have heavier UC again.


Presumably you could get detail from RAAust if you quote the registration or Jabiru if you could get the serial number of the fuselage and the engine serial number and size.





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662 was originally owned by Ballarat Aero Club for a lot of years (learnt to fly in it)


Engine wise it was a KFM, then 1600 then 2200.


I think this plane still has the 50 litre tank (should be changed to the 65L tank as this was a required mod) and has no stall warning but has retained the stall strips (should be changed - required mod).


Looks good though, and price is pretty good as well!



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Guest AusDarren

I first flew it in 92 with Ballarat Aero Club (Neil Johnson endorsed me on it while it had the 1600 KFM Engine) Its Model is LSA55/2K.


type certificate is here.




I flew it on the destination Avalon Air tour in March 2007,


It flys rather well, and I was very happy with it at the time. It was online with Australian Jet Adventures at Ballarat.


It did have one vice. It ran out of nose down trim at cruise. Easy solution was to throttle back just enough so full nose down trim did not climb or descend.


Is it a good value buy? I do believe it is..


though you need to see the paper trail for the modifications.







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