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Echuca mini fly-in 23/24 Feb

Ben Longden

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Even though the official fly-in was cancelled, BigPete, Decca and I attended and had our own mini fly-in anyway. Top marks to the Echuca Aero Club for their efforts.:thumb_up:


The highlight of the weekend was watching the Maestro, Murray Lanyon thrilling the crowds and his passengers with awesome aerobatic displays in his 1947 Boeing Stearman.


Another highlight was the Autogyro display (One of Paul Bruty's creations) as well as the static displays of the club aircraft (inbetween flights)





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On Sunday Big Pete ‘marked’ the private pilots who entered the Echuca club championship event. They had to do a preflight check on a Piper (Lance?), followed by 2 circuits & 2 crosswind landings under the watchful eye of Ted … (must be at least a senior instructor). The second circuit was to be accomplished by using everything & anything except the control column above 200’ above ground level, with the control column being taken again at 200’ AGL on final. There were some interesting variations on normal glide path & “runway centreline†on final. It seemed quite a challenge, but definitely a great exercise in increasing airmanship to be able to control the aircraft using secondary controls such as aileron & elevator trim, flap settings & engine thrust.





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How did you guys go in the flying comp?


I sure hope that Big Pete stayed objective and didn't lean towards forum buddies.


I have known BP a long time and I can honestly say he is a mistro with an instrument in his hands. In fact I have seen him make things sing!


Who won the comp?



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AJ (Adrian) won the comp (flying the clubs Piper Archer (this was his first flight in the 'plane - he does own a Piper Warrior) with a near perfect score in daily inspection, preflight, runup and take off. He also flew a near perfect circuit from 200 up in the climbout. It was quite bumpy. :ah_oh:


Busier than a one legged man in an A*** kicking competition he kept it all together - the secret seemed to be not to change the trim wheel too much and make good use of the throttle for aircraft attitude/altitude. 011_clap.gif.c796ec930025ef6b94efb6b089d30b16.gif


Adrian learned to fly in a Jabiru J160 and then went on to GA. He does however have a huge advantage over most of us - he's in his early 20's. :thumb_up:


Great young boke with many hours flying ahead of him.


(by the way the 50 bucks he gave me was just a gift from one Jabiru driver to another) :smiley4:





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