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Insurance for two-stroke trikes?

Guest Daza76

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Guest Daza76

Hi All,


Does anybody know of an insurance company/broker willing to insure an Airborne Edge X with a Rotax 582 two stroke?


I am looking for theft/damage cover as well as trailer/transport cover if possible.


I called OAMPS and they told me that they could not insure two stroke trikes which was a little disappointing 049_sad.gif.af5e5c0993af131d9c5bfe880fbbc2a0.gif


Appreciate any advise.





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Guest Crezzi

I believe that OAMPS won't insure any 2-stroke - its not just trikes.


The other companies have the same policy AFAIK.


Its lucky we aren't in Europe where insurance (including passenger cover for 2-seaters) is mandatory.







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It was strange reading your post as I contacted OAMPS re insurance for my Quik 912s a while back. The letter that arrived from them (June 2007) had all the details of my Edge X 582 and stated that they currently provide members (HGFA) with a limited transit, Fire & Theft coverage. They gave the cost as $22 per $1000 sum insured plus a flat $55.00.


On the other page was a HGFA Members Microlight Questionnaire to complete and return asking if you would be interested in obtaining insurance for either of the following:


Limited Transit, Fire & Perils


Full Ground & Trailering


Full Flight, Taxying, Ground, Trailering


So although the Flight & Taxying cover weren't available, it looked as though it was something they were considering for the future.


Seems strange they said no to you, unless it is only for HGFA members?


Safe flying





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Howdy all..attempted to insure my new Tanarg 912 with OAMPS with my Broker, we tried several avenues..but OAMPS would not even agree to road/trailor cover at any premium. So I have attempted similar insurance cover with WIN..should have an answer in the next week..? let you know wat occurs.


Smooth flights


Chris :yin_yan:



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Guest Perry



WIN will do it no problem. They will cover hull and liability to user specified levels without any issue.


The only issue is that when it came to the crunch, full insurance with only $1million passenger liability (which is nothing really when you read court proceedings) came to around $2,500 per annum for a $60k trike. I still could not seem to justify the expense taking into account my flying circumstances and the fact that for 99% of the time my passenger is my wife...


I decided to save up for a ballistic chute to cover anything going wrong that prevents me from making a safe landing...


I have found that the best insurance is fear. This may be simplistic to some risk managers out there but has stood me in good stead for a number of years now and I have not missed an annual yet...







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On another note, the last time I contacted a well known insurance company 'who understands recreational aircraft' said '...they only insure an aircraft which looks like an aircraft' !!!!!


Can you believe that?


Say no more.





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