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G’Day everyone,


just been surfing around now for a couple of days and am very impressed with this site. Very little political unrest to be found, which is to be commended. After all, the important bit is the flying!


I have been a serial lurker over the last few years. Indeed, this lurking rekindled my desire to aviate once again. I completed my PPL about four years ago after a hiatus of about twenty years. Have CS and RG and am working on my CIR. The cost of it all makes things very hard to justify to the MD. She had conniptions when she saw the receipt for a trip I did with my dad up to Denni and back. $600+ was just + too much so the flying took a back seat for a little bit. Not current and in need of a medical to get back into it. Even my ASIC has expired!


The biggest crime is I have had a RAA licence for over twelve months and haven’t consummated the marriage as yet. I will be seriously looking into changing this very shortly. I am impressed how large the RAA has grown over the last decade. I fobbed it of years ago when the AUF first started under the likes of those ragwing kite things with a glorified brushcutter out the front with a dinky propeller. My neighbour had a go, I informed him he was mad attempting to aviate in a thruster……how wrong I was. After seeing what is now available would make even a hardened GA type change his mind.


I have a particular liking for the Dynaero MCR out of Dijon. Although it has competition from the Millenium for the most bang from 100hp. I have this hope that Tom Wickers’ machine may change a few sceptics. That aeroplane has a lot of potential. (Wonder how an Arrow powered by a 3300Jab or a 912 with an MT electric prop would go?)


Anyway, hope to be around for a while. Decca, if you are reading this. Mate , you are an inspiration!


Mark Jones



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Guest Decca

Hey thanks Mark. I was reading, and being very impressed with your first post 'til I got to the bottom line! Impressive background, sad you didn't stay RAAus current, but you can soon change that.


I'm sure we'll meet again here (or there). My treatment is nearly over (43days - who's counting?) then a short recovery before I can get back in the air myself.


Regards, Decca.098_welcome.gif.81ff07d492568199326e4f64f78d7bc6.gif



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Guest Flygirltake2

Hey Mark


You and me both. I'm getting back into things after 20 years too. My background is a lapsed ppl in the USA. This is just such a great forum for refamiliarising yourself.





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