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Anyone here the Watts Bridge Tyro builder?

Guest RLP

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Hello, was wondering if anyone in the forum is the builder of the Tyro mk11 / vw engine I was corresponding with just as you were finishing it. I came out to Watts Bridge for a look on a day you were fine tuning the motor. I know it flew not long after that. Was curious as to how it was all going.



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Thanks Newairly, how's your tyro going? Is it pictured on Geoffs site. There were a couple advertised in the auf mag recently. There's just something about the look of a tyro does it for me . The Watts bridge one was the only one i have seen up close and I had the impression one could be easily misled by it's 'relatively' simple exterior - looks like a lot of work goes into getting one flying. Hmm, maybe one day.


You may have picked up by some earlier posts in "General..", I'm kinda partial to canopies, do you know if the Tyro allows you to fit one?


Geoff actually has onother site http://users.chariot.net.au/~geastwood/ , but I think it's essentially the same. No email tho'.



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I dont think it is on that site. It came from Turo Flats in SA originally. I did not build it so I can not comment on difficulty. The wing structure is quite sophisticated using a "D" box and single main spar for torsional stiffness allowing the use of a single strut for support. This gives a nice clean appearance with none of the numerous bracing wires found on some basic ultralights.


I am still sorting out a few things on my Tyro. The main one is rather high cylinder head temperature and EGT. I have played with mixture and adjusted fan belt tension without much effect. Plugs look a reasonable colour. It is a Rotax 447. Nevertheless I am getting in some flying from my 250m strip right here at home. So convenient to just pull it out and go!


I can not think of a way to put a canopy on. The whole cockpit area is very open and simple. There is just a windscreen going up from the pod to the wing. It gives suprisingly good protection from wind.





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