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T 500 pod

Guest fly

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Hi Tony, Greetings


A general inquiry please regarding a pod to suit T500.


Time to Availability ?


Cost ?


Pick up or delivery?


condition eg. unpainted etc


and any other relevant info





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Guest TOSGcentral

Hi Fly,


We do have a number of options available now from the not long ago days where you could not get pods at all.


  • You can have a new Mk2 Swift Pod made for you (All of the TOSG pods are made to order and I do not keep stocks).


The Mk2 is primarily a standard factory 1988 T300/T500 pod with the nose upper surface fluted to add stiffness, a forward inspection hatch to get at the rudder pedals, the floor stiffeners are bonded in rather than that weird factory thing they used, and the pod has side fairings as part of the pod shell to get rid of the ‘drag web’ around the tube cluster on the end of the u/c carry beam.


These pods are $675 each plus freight. The last one I sent to S.A. cost $300 – I only use highly reliable carriers for long distance, You can pick up the pods directly from where they are made (North of Brisbane near Bribie Island) or arrange your own transport if you wish.


Click on the thumbnail to enlarge.




  • Swift Pod Mk3. This has all that the Mk2 has but includes 2 air intakes in the nose and air ducting bonded into the upper sides of the pod and extended panels each side of the instrument panel to take automotive ventilators. The purpose of this lot is to keep the cockpit cool as the Swifts will be nearly entirely sealed and even a T500 with doors gets rather warm in summer.


I do not know the price of these yet as the first two are currently being made for the two Swift prototypes. An image is not yet available until the first ones are finished.


COLOUR. On a new pod you can have any colour you wish (send me a colour sample) and this is bonded in with the gel coat at manufacture so the pods are not in fact painted. You can have a plain pod if you wish. There is no difference in price.


AVAILABILITY. Keith is making a stack of stuff for me at the moment so I would guesstimate that if ordered now a pod would be finished for you in about 5 weeks (normally they take about 2-3 weeks from order).




  • T300 381 is going to be one of the Swift Prototypes. So the pod is coming off it and a Mk 3 Swift pod going on. 381’s pod is undamaged and virtually new (ie it has done 30 flying hours). It is a standard factory pod, all white and no decals. The price is $500 but it will not be available for about 5 weeks, from Watts Bridge, as it has to do the test flying on the new Angle of Incidence bracket before we pull down 381 entirely.


This is an image of the pod on the aircraft – click to enlarge.



  • I have a pod here off a T500 that has a damaged snout from a nose over in a storm. I think Keith will be able to repair this but I do not know how much that will cost yet until he has a look at it. It is all red with white Thruster and T500 decals on it.


That is as much as I can do at the moment but at least it gives you a few choices.









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Hi Tony,


Did you put in a relaxing Easter?


Thanks for all info on pods. Appreciated!


Leaning towards MK11 Swift , mainly due to colour being mixed with glass


I have 2 older t500 pods both have been well repaired new two pack paint job is starting to crack on one {white} the other is red and has the colour in the glass, needs a good rub back and polish,


Can you give me an approximation on freight for the Swift pod say to Ballina, and also to Kempsey both in NSW.


How are they packed ?


Could you also give me the width at it's widest measurement.


When time permits, ......Thanks ...............FLY



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Guest TOSGcentral

Hi Fly,


No I did not have a relaxing Easter! Very busy sorting out my mother and her stroke problems - and damn near got wiped out in a head on at night in the rain on the road (I never normally go anywhere at Easter) which a bit of an agricultural excursion off the road managed to avoid!


I will get your freight quote for you but give me a couple of days please.


The pod width is: 1100 mm. They go comfortably in a box trailer, ute or standard sized van.





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Guest TOSGcentral



Forgot to add -


If you want to get rid of your two spare pods then tell me what you want for them and their location and I will stick them in the 'For Sale' of the next TOSG Bulletin - no charge.


Some pics (I meg and JPEG format) would be great.







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