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Fly to Old Bar this weekend


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All Pilots & Aviation enthusiasts!


This Saturday, 29th March, there is a large group of pilots from the Sydney Basin flying up to Old Bar Airstrip (near Taree). Departure from Hoxton Park will be around 9.30am, then a fuel stop at Taree airport, then onto Bohnock International Airstrip for a quick visit at 11am then onto Old Bar Airstrip for a 12 noon arrival. We will have lunch at the Old Bar Airstrip fish and chip shop, then depart in your own time or with the group.


All are welcome no matter where you might be flying from, or what aircraft you have, as long as you can land and takeoff safely on the Old Bar Airstrip (around 540m @ approx sea level).


Bohnock International Airport is a private airstrip where approval has been granted for any pilot wishing to visit on the day. This airstrip is soon to be owned by one of the group pilots flying up on the day from Sydney (Rick Harper).


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For any further information please contact me on 0416 016 940.




Darin McLean



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Guest David C

Thanks for the info Darin ... can't make it unfortunately but to all making the trip , have a safe and enjoyable flight .. Hope to catch up with you again , perhaps at one of Freds Sonerrai meetings . Will Rick be relocating the Rebel to his new strip come closure day at Hoxton ??


Dave C



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