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Gday all


I'm not new to flying (easy) but am very new to this forum thing(anything but). This is my first try so I'll probably get it wrong.


My name is Bill Grieve and I have been flying rec a/c for just on 20 years, with a few gaps. Have just over 800 hrs. I now fly a Savannah VG (160hrs in 12 months), prior to which I had a Savannah Classic (157hrs in 15 months) and before that a Flightstar 2 place (400 hrs in 3 1/2 years).


I live at Beerwah in Qld on the Sunshine Coast where I have 3 acres with a 140m main strip and 80m cross strip (strictly Savannah territory). I have assisted in the building of 3 other Savannahs and am getting to know them.


I will attach a pic of my lastest a/c if I can.


Happy Flying







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