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UL260 update

Guest Flyer40

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Guest Flyer40

There's a question at the end of this long-winded blurb, hopefully you'll stick with it.


One of the things holding up my progress has been the lack of a suitable engine. I want an injected engine, preferably electronic (please don't bother trying to convince me to run a carby).


The IOF240 is overkill for the airframes I'm looking at, the injected Subaru's have too many reliability problems for my liking and the only other EFI engine I know of is the UL260. But it's in the 80hp bracket and the kits I've shortlisted usually run 3300 Jabs.


Thinking that I needed more than 80hp to get adequate performance from these kits I emailed ULPower to ask if an upgraded engine with more hp is in the pipeline.


Below I've copied parts of two emails I received from John at ULPower. He agreed to let me share this info.


But I became suspicious of the claimed performance in the second email, 114 kts at 2800 rpm just doesn't seem right for a 3300 powered Esqual.


I'm trying to figure out if the Esquals improved performance is due mainly to the new engine or the new prop, or both equally.


So my question is; do you think this guy was running the wrong prop or mis-stating his performance with the Jab engine?




Our next development will be a stroked out four cylinder with an


> increased capacity from 2.6 liter to 3.3 - 3.5 liter (215 cu in). We


> designed the UL260i engine casing and cylinder heads to accomodate the


> longer stroke so that by keeping to a four cylinder (not going to a


> six like Jabiru did) we add very little extra weight for the extra


> power. The UL350i will become about 8 cm wider than the UL260i but the


> rest of the dimensions and engine mount points should remain the same.




> We should have something to test in about a years time, but it will be


> another 9 months or so after that before it becomes available as a


> series production engine.




The Lightning is a copy of the Spanish Esqual which is no longer in


production. One of our Spanish reps. has taken out the Jabiru 3300 in


his Esqual and replaced it by the UL260i. He sent me a preliminary


report which I had a hard time to accept, but he's the one making the


claims, not me.


We've got two customers who have bought the UL260i for 601's. They


should be flying in several months so we can also give performance


reports also.


In short Mateo says:




With Jabiru 3300: 2800 rpm 210 kmph consumption 22 liters The Jabiru had


a fixed pitch prop of 1.58 diameter


With UL Power: 2600 rpm 220 kmph consumption 14 litres.


The prop that I now have in the Esqual is Woddcomp SR 3000 J. Inside


wood and lined with carbon fiber. Have 1.65 meters in diameter and


variable pitch in flight.




In 2600 rpm 220 km / h


In 2800 rpm 250 km / h


In 3000 rpm 270 km / h.


Takeoff at 3100 rpm, 150 meters.


In comparison with the Jabiru 3300, the plane is faster, better and


takes off sooner.


In the spring if we have complete documentation for our aviation


authorities, and that with the changes we have had to make new, and if I


am fully recovered, I am planning a trip to Belgium with the plane so


you can see it.



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