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Intake Tube Gasket Compound


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G'day Group,


The compound used to seal the intake manifold pipes in the plennum is Loctite gasket 2.


After several years of operation, the compound went hard and brittle on my engine and I removed all the tubes, cleaned everything up and resealed the tubes in the plennum. My question is has anyone used a different compound to seal the pipes and if so the long term success?


THANKS in anticipation.




Jabiru SPT-3300



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Over a couple of days I have had no reply to my original posting. This may indicate that there is a possibility there has not been a lot of attention given to this area during routine maintenance. I have to say, I'm also guilty of not paying attention to this until I found I could wobble one of the tubes. I then checked the 5 other intake tubes and they were all loose.


The intake tubes are 'O' ring sealed in the plenum chamber and as a secondary seal a gasket cement (Loctite Gasket 2) is used. This gasket cement hardens over time, becomes brittle, cracks and fails to seal. This, in my opinion, gives the possibility of leaks in the induction system as the 'O' ring seal alone may not do the job 100%. The fix is to remove each tube, clean up all the old gasket sealant reapply sealant then refit each tube.


This is a simple process as the tubes can be rotated to clear the ajoining intake pipe to each cylinder and removed. They are only a push fit into the plennum chamber.


If you have any questions on the above, feel free to contact me.






[email protected]



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