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I recently did a clean up on my computer that required some software to be reloaded from the original disk which was not successful due to it's having been dropped and lightly scratched.


The normal solution was replace the program with another $160 source disk or try and repair the DVD thereby retaining the rights to upgrade the original.


So I tried using Plexus. It comes in a the pressure can pack which was developed for eliminating or reducing the scratches on aircraft windscreens and windows and is now used as well by many truck firms to maintain their windscreens. I have also been using Plexus in my J160 kit to clean up the windscreen and windows in conjunction with using a fibreglass polish.:thumb_up:


After only a squirt of Plexus and a light rub with a very soft rag to smooth up and spread the Plexus evenly and remove the excess,the DVD loaded the program without a pause.:big_grin: A number of previous attempts using the same disk before using the Plexus were unsuccessful.



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