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Guest TOSGcentral

Hi Sportsfans,



Just a quick notification that the next Thruster Support International Bulletin will be produced this coming weekend so you should have it within 14 days easily. In fact I am up dark and early today to finish writing it (I do not seem to get much done once the ladies are up and four hours solitude can be a good thing!)



Topics this time include: A full run down to date on the TST tailplane failure; about Jury Struts; Tailplane tensioning method; Dye Penetrant NDI use; using jacks and Chinese Windlass to avoid further damage on major airframe work; Trimming and trim systems; progress report on the Swift Project & new certification work; TOSG forums and web sites; UK Thruster Factory News; buying and selling check list; about 30 illustrations including the prototype Swift Mk 3 pod – and more.



In addition, this time we have nine Thrusters and one Flightstar advertised. All in good condition and at sensible prices.



You gotta be in it to get it. So did you renew your subscription this year?









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