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Sydney Mag article - Info requested


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I had told him to post this here himself..so he sent it to me..(?)




Joel Meares here from the(sydney)magazine at the Sydney Morning Herald.


As I mentioned on the phone, I am doing an article on different ways that people get to and from work in Sydney (or into Sydney from somewhere else outside). I am hoping to make contact with somebody who regularly flies a light plane to get to work either daily or at the beginning and end of the week.


The article is going to be a light-hearted fun piece looking at the personalities who commute in these ways, as well as their methods and routes of commuting. The magazine has a readership of over 500,000 and comes out on the last Thursday of every month in the Sydney Morning Herald.


If it is possible * can this email be sent to your members and anyone who is interested in talking to me from Sydney or who travels into Sydney can contact me on (02) 9282 3678 or [email protected].


Thanks so much for your time and for your help in this matter it is much appreciated. Cheers, Joel.





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I think he's after the upwardly mobile professional or internet startup who lands his Heli-cycle on the roof of an inner city highrise dressed in suit and polka dot bow tie. Any more of us out there?



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Guest Rocko

Weeeeeell, I had thought of commuting on my hover-bike, but the fuel bills are nasty. Even Michael J. Fox had trouble sourcing plutonium! ;>





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