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Swift Mk3 pod - first images

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Guest TOSGcentral

This is to give you a preview sneak look at the prototype Mk3 Thruster Swift pod now approaching completion.



The first production pods, for the two Prototype Swifts, are being started next week and I will put up more images of those when I have them.



Points of interest are obviously the large air intakes intended to keep you cool in a fully enclosed cockpit on the hottest day. They have automotive air vent outlets that are independently adjustable for volume and direction of airflow so left or right seat occupants can suit themselves.



On the Swift full kit package the pod ventilation system will be augmented by head level intakes/vents taking air from the new anti-interference drag fairing under the wing.



Other items to note is the fluting on the top of the nose to stiffen the pod, the large forward inspection hatch so you can really get at the rudder pedals, and the side mouldings to eliminate the drag from the tube cluster on each end of the main undercarriage carry frame.



What you cannot see is the redesigned internal bracing/stiffening of the pod that is stronger and lighter than the original.



Although the basic pod profile has been taken directly from a 1988 T500, these pods will be covered by a full CAR35 engineering order and will fit any of the two seat Thruster other than the Glasshouse.



I do not know what they will cost yet as we are still tinkering with it. However TOSG will have two different level of pods available – this one and the Mk2 that has everything except the ventilator system.


Click on images to enlarge







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