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RV 12

Guest tucan

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Guest tucan

GDay All


I have been having a serious look at the new RV 12 . Partial kits now available. Any feedback would be of interewst



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Guest Decca

Hiya Tucan, can't answer your question, but would like to welcome you to the forums.098_welcome.gif.81ff07d492568199326e4f64f78d7bc6.gif


It shouldn't be TOO long before someone comes up with the info on the rv12.


Enjoy the forums,


Regards, Decca.



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Hi Tucan,


Welcome 002_wave.gif.62d5c7a07e46b2ae47f4cd2e61a0c301.gif, the RV 12 looks like a great aircraft for recreational flying.


Here are a few sites of interest. I am a looking at the logistics of importing a kit.


The first wing kits are already being assembled in the U.S.


Vans RV 12 site




RV 12 Forum


RV-12 - VAF Forums


First wing kit to be assembled




Hope this helps





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