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EGT's & CHT's

Guest J430

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I have watched many of you talking on various threads about EGT and CHT in Jabs and its interesting to see what engines really do.


I have "borrowed" this data from a friend who is running in a brand new IO550 in a C210 so while the engine type etc is not a Jab or similar, the interesting thing is the temps at 50 deg ROP.


By Sunday afternoon after I have been in the thing myself and he gets a good long cruise out of it it will be interesting to fiddle and monitor. May have to video it.


Anyway have a look at these.................




running in a new IO550 installed in a C210N.The aircraft is fitted with an EDM800 all cylinder - without which I would not have any reason to ask this question regarding EGT/CHT temperatures.


The EGT/CHT temps for the 6 cylinders, taken at 50oC ROP are as follows:


1 - 740/173C = 1364/343F


2 - 758/174C = 1396/345F


3 - 768/179C = 1414/354F


4 - 770/176C = 1418/349F


5 - 723/194C = 1333/381F


6 - 741/183C = 1366/361F


These temps are for about 70% power (25/24) at 5000', OAT 18oC with the cowl flaps open.

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