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An Introductory Word. Commercial advertising is not permitted on these forums and what follows may well look commercial. So some explanation is in order.



TOSG is a not for profit support group. We took on the challenge of supporting the Thruster marque in the face of an inactive Australian Thruster factory which nevertheless still hold the Type Approvals. But that is not much good if owners cannot get any parts!



Spare parts, for renovation, maintenance or repair, are essential for the continuation of a type otherwise the types become orphaned/derelict and their second hand values fall steeply at the expense of their owners. That is quite sobering when you consider that there is about $4M wrapped up in Thrusters – there are quite a lot of them!






TOSG has basically acted as a free advisory point for sourcing parts and kept an eye on where bits and pieces could be had. Increasingly I was forced into commissioning Engineering Orders for specialist bits (replacements for the defective lift strut brackets are a classic case. We have so far only sold ten sets but that is at least 10 aircraft that would otherwise have been grounded).



Other things (eg pods) became a serious hassle so TOSG has been working on the ‘Swift Project’ that puts most of the intricate bits under Engineering Orders and the parts supply is going to dramatically increase over the next few months.



I have had some failures though. I had hoped that the new UK Thruster factory would be able to supply most parts required for the two seaters. That has slightly run aground and there is a serious currency exchange rate problem as well. So that has pushed me back to TOSG having to supply and I have got on with it.



But the good news is that at the moment you can get any part you need for a Thruster or get some serious advice on how to obtain it. So we are presently at the position listed below.






DACRON SKINS, WHEELS & BRAKES (All models). Spectrum Aviation (Wayne Fisher) 02 6622 4466.



NOTE: There is presently no support for Ultralam skins.



ENGINE/ RADIATOR SHOCK ABSORBER RUBBERS. These are automotive parts and commonly available (eg Repco).



SMALL STAINLESS FITTINGS, CABLES, THIMBLES & FERRULS. Any good marine outlet will be able to supply.



PROPELLERS. Brolga 2 & 3 Blade – Aerofiber Industries (TBA – Factory changing hands) Two blade wood – Richard Sweetapple 07 3245 2579.



WINDSCREENS. Sheets available from any polycarbonate retail outlet. See TOSG web site for How To Do It notes and material specifications.



ALL VISION V600N & V600T. Most parts available ‘off the shelf’ from Wade Air 02 6365 5111 including pods & main structure.



TOSG SUPPLIED PARTS (Prices inclusive of GST where applicable).






1. Parts marked * are inclusive of postage/freight within Australia. Most parts and all kits are supplied inclusive of ‘How to Do It’ notes. Some parts are price on application as they are model specific and advice will be required. Some parts are still under development but will become available over the next few months).


  • All Thruster models are supported but it is essential that you have positive identification of the type so you obtain the correct part. Usually rego number and/or serial number is an essential start on this process. But be careful of hybrids (eg Gemini or TST with a T300 wing on it – a mistake could cost you $3000!). TOSG type identification is free – make use of it!
  • Alloy tubing is blank material only – you have to replicate the original part that you have and will normally be able to re-use sleeving and other components.
  • ANY Thruster operator (TOSG Member or not) may avail themselves of TOSG service as we are primarily about Flight Safety and preservation of the Marque.
  • Any current TOSG member will receive a 7% discount on orders over $100
  • Any non TOSG member will receive one year free subscription to TOSG for any order over $500.
  • Most TOSG parts are made to order – we keep little off the shelf stock but can usually supply within about two weeks



Main Boom Brackets. ChromeAlloy replacements for front wing strut, rear wing strut, rear boom bracing spar, tailplane leading edge, & tail plane trailing edge. P.O.A.



Lift Strut replacement brackets to meet RAAus MAN 27102004. Full set of four custom brackets made to replicate your own brackets. (procedure is complicated and takes a couple of weeks due to original factory batch mismatching).



Reduced Angle of Incidence Bracket Kit. Eases 3 point landings, reduces bounce severity. Reduces airframe wear and tear. Improves cruise speed. Makes major airframe strip downs easier. TBA



Flapperon Kit Full actuators, drives controls & both assembly and operational notes. Incorporates as standard 5 position flap setting – neutral, 3 positive & 1 reflex.





TST/T300 Fuselage Rear Enclosure Kit. Full kit of stringers, frames, Dacron covering (Must specify your colour on ordering) & How To Do It notes.



Tail Unit Former Kit of six formers, tape, notes etc:


TST, T300, T500 $45.00 *


Gemini X, A & B $55.00 *



Pods. Replacement pods fit all Thruster 2 seaters except Glasshouse. They are fluted on the top for stiffening, additionally internally braced, wider instrument panel moulding, front inspection hatch and have side drag reduction mouldings. Pods are cast to your colour specification for same price and this is bonded into the gel coat – so no painting::


Swift Mk2 ` $675.


Swift Mk3 with air intakes and vent system TBA



Tail unit bush kit. 8 bushes in three forms $95.00 *



Torque Tube Bush Kit. 2 bushes $25.00*



T6061-T6 Structure Tubing:



Main Boom 4†od $660.00


Leading Edge Spar $290.00


Trailing Edge Spar $250.00


Drag Spar $ 64.75


Leading Lift Strut $119.25


Trailing Lift Strut $124.43


Stringers (T500, TST E & Swifts) TBA


Compression Struts TBA


Engine Support Strut $ 56.00


Boom Rear Support Strut $ 80.50


Front A frame Strut $ 56.25


Rear A Frame Strut $ 31.50


Cockpit Floor Rail Inner $ 47.25


Cockpit Floor Rail Outer $ 42.00


Torque Tube $ 35.00


Main Undercarriage Heavy Duty 1 piece chromealloy TBA






Standard T300/T500 Front Roof Panel $63.00


Main T300/T500 Roof Panel $129.00


Cockpit Rear Lower Bulkhead Panel $102.00


Cockpit Main Rear Bulkhead Panel $230.00


Above Cockpit Anti Interference Drag Moulding TBA


Moulding as above but with vent system. TBA


Pod Drag Reduction Side Mouldings (pair) $112.00


Cockpit overhead moulding for roof mounted controls TBA


Wheel Spats. TBA






OK – That is what is already available or in the pipe line. Other things will be added when time is available to address them and I will edit this main post for any changes.



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