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Lethbridge Flying in 3rd/4th of May


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To all you keen aviators I want to inform you that next Saturday and Sunday the 3/4 of May Lethbridge is hosting its flying.


There will also be a vintage club on show (on the Saturday I think) and a few planes being shown including the fantastic Pioneers 200 and 300's and X-air Hanuman.


Drop in for lunch. If you want to stay the night you are welcome to camp on the grounds in a hanger and there are ammenities, beer fridge and cooking facilities in the club rooms.


Dont miss it. Oh and Lethbridge is in Victoria if you don't know. Ballarat side of Geelong (check the ERSA).


Look forward to seeing you there. And I'll be the on showing off the Xair so come and say hello!!!




Jim Tatlock.



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