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A lesson in a Tecnam P96 golf

Guest disperse

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Guest disperse

For a bit of a change I went for a lesson at Hoxten PK yesterday.... and their Tecnam..


It was a magic morning with patchy fog yet dead calm..


The lesson was "stalls" and the tecnam handled amazing, absolutly loved it.


Dual in the Tecnam is $160/h and the Jabiru was $135/h


And personly the extra money is WELL spent.


am planning on completing my training in the Tecnam as it is just so much more enjoyable then a Jabiru LSA....



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Hi Troy,


I did my training in the Golf, a great and easy plane to fly. Just not quite enough head room for me!!! I'm glad we had the Sportstar before I did my nav training and the flights got longer:laugh:.







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