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As punctures appear to be not uncommon I was wondering about the tyre sealants used in motorcycles. Has anyone used them and do they seem to work. Are there any downsides (other than quite a bit of taxiing to distribute the stuff).



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Due to the difficulty in changing / repairing Tyres with the design of the jab wheels. We have taken to carrying a can in the aircraft. As yet it has not been used in anger. There was some concern initially about altitude effects on the pressurised can but the manufacturer assures us that there is no problem under approx 15,000 feet.


It is still stored in a well secured bag behind the baggage compartment bulkhead.



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Yep, it "seems" to work well, but of course it's very hard to know if it's actually working. One of the downsides is that it can cause an inbalance in your tyres after liftoff which can be annoying. Need to take it for a spin down the runway after putting in tyres otherwise it will kinda dry unevenly. They say on the can drive for 10kms... I've used it in all my tires and once when I pinched the tube I was amazed that it actually managed to seal a hole in the tube for a 5cm slash. Up to $50 a litre from Autobarn or similar.


I also use those emergency cans of tire filler / puncture repair $10-$15 from your local auto store. They work well too in fact I think there's a tube of that in each of my tyres! I used one yesterday on the nosewheel which went completely flat in a couple of hours; semed to work ok. I'll probably leave it in there. Last week used another can in my car after I found a drill bit in there.


Highly recommended... but not the green stuff, the beige glue like one.



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