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T100 to Live Again

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A bit of general TOSG/Thruster news for you.



After years of threatening to do it I have bitten the bullet and made a large step forward. The T100 is going to be re-built – or more accurately come back into existence!



I am buying a TST airframe that ran aground on a compliance issue. That will give me most of the components that I require and only a few to re-manufacture. I will also have the components to build a full set of T300 wings that I can then exchange for the actual T100 wings that I have been keeping an eye on.



I will be stuck for a pod but I think I have a way around that one.



This will bring six of the seven Thruster prototypes back into full flying status. The only one that I have not so far found is the T84 Prototype but that is a fine point definition probably only of interest to myself.



I will be getting on with the T100 once I have finished the Swift prototypes and will probably build it concurrently with restoring a Glasshouse to museum standard – but quite flyable.



I will be posting later today on the General Discussion forum for things that I need to find out as I need to broaden the net a bit.






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