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Jabs for xhire


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No longer required... Leaving today. :)


Any Jabs for short - medium term dry hire?


I am looking at the potential of dry hiring a J-160 and above for a work related trip to the Top end. I have estimated a total flying time of 75 hours with fuel being provided by my clients (15-20 stops along the way).


Is anybody interested in hiring their aircraft out for around 45-50 days?


Aircraft must be insured, airworthy to RAA standards (mmmm asking for it!) and have a GPS unit in built. Services can be arranged by LAME's in a couple of the major towns along the trip.. (Mt Isa, katherine and Alice springs)


I am willing to investagate an expense's paid trip (read bloody long!) for someone who has always wanted to complete the ultimate cross country trip into some very unusual locations. Timing is expected around to be around mid june and all accomadation and food provided. Flying time would be shared. J-230 in this case would be required for tools, passenger and range.


Melbourne - Roma - Birdsville - Mt Isa - Tennant creek - Arnham Land (have open contractor permits)- NT, WA border area - Alice spings area (east and west ranges) - Roxby downs - Melbourne.



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