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Hi everyone,


Registered in this group a couple of months ago to watch info on the Millenium Project. Been lurking since, but haven't posted till now.


Used to own/fly a 17m Kestrel Glider back in the 70's and also had unrestricted PPL, but time and money concurrence deserted me and hadn't flown since 1980. Joined Sports Aircraft Club of SA last year and learned all about RAA which has evolved since I stopped flying. Resumed flying re-training before Easter and went to Narromine for Natfly. I've always harboured a desire to build my own plane and have watched several through construction and into active service. My current plans are to regain full independent operating status in Gliding, get my RAA licence and then renew my GA lic. so I have all bases covered. I'm watching Ian's Millenium Project with great interest and see myself as a hot prospect for same.


Great to be back in the aviation fraternity -- look forward to catching up with a lot of old friends and enjoying the comradarie of many many new ones.




Rob Wintulich (RDW-ardydublu):big_grin:



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