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Around the world in a trike DVD

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I saw part of a doco on foxtel months (maybe years) ago about a guy trying to fly around the world in a trike. It ends with him doing a runner from an international airport and then crashing on takeoff when he was massivly overload.


Does anyone have a copy or could they point me in the right direction to finding one????


It was entertain if not very scary.





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Guest Cali

I have seen that one. He was a Pom if I remember correctly. Certainly did not think on his last attempted takeoff. Bit on the arrogant side and not a very good ambassador for microlighting.thumb_down



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Guest Crezzi

That was Brian Milton but it wasn't actually a round the world flight (though he has done that). He was trying to fly non stop across the Atlantic in a Mainair Blade (modified to carry >400L fuel). He was taking off from Newfoundland illegally because the Canadian authorities had grounded him (due to all the mods not being approved).


He did actually lift off but couldn't get out of ground effect and when he touched down the undercarriage collapsed.


AFAIK there isn't a DVD available unless you rip it off tv but when it is broadcast again have a look what he was using as a funnel to fill up the plane before takeoff.


He did write a book about the attempt called Chasing Ghosts (or similar) and he has also published books about his world circumnavigation in a Quantum trike with Keith Reynolds (Global Flyer) and flying a Shadow ultralight from Uk to Aus back in the '80s (Dalegty Flyer though its out of print now).







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