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Piper Cheyenne


Fly a nice twin turboprop aircraft in FS2004 - the Piper Cheyenne!


The package contains no less than four versions of the most successful Turboprop family: Cheyenne II, I, IA and II XL. All four aircraft have been rebuilt and animated for Flight Simulator 2004 in 3D fashion, right down to the smallest of details.


Mechanical parts such as ailerons, rudders, flaps, engines and even windscreen wipers move just like in the original aircraft.


The excellent graphics of both the 2D- and 3D-Cockpits are equipped with all the avionic instruments usually found inside these models, and the precise flight dynamics have been developed with the help of real Cheyenne pilots. Besides the accurate panels for the pilot and the co-pilot, the cabin of the Cheyenne has also been rebuilt to the highest level of detail with its opening doors for passengers and freight.


The sounds which are implemented in this add-on have all been recorded aboard the real aircraft!




Piper PA31T1 Cheyenne I


Piper PA31T1 Cheyenne IA


Piper PA31T Cheyenne II


Piper PA31T2 Cheyenne II XL




Detailed gmax model of each aircraft


12 liveries for each model


Numerous animations and lighting effects


Extremely realistic flight dynamics


Soundest recorded from the real aircraft


Completely functional virtual cockpits


Three 2D cockpits for the Cheyenne I/IA, II, II XL in the following views: IFR normal view, IFR captains view and VFR view.


Realistic handmade night lighting


Detailed system simulation


Bendix Silver Crown Plus Avionics Suite


Trimble 2000 Approach Plus GPS


Bendix King KFC250 Autopilot for the Cheyenne I and IA


Bendix KFC300 Autopilot for the Cheyenne II and IIXL


Duke Pressurization Controller for the Cheyenne I and IA


Garrett Pressurization Controller for the Cheyenne II and IIXL


Numerous liveries for all the available versions and an extensive documentation round off a superb simulation for both VFR and IFR pilots.


Available Now!


Price: $59.95


Compatibility: FS2004


Click Here for Full Product Information, or to Order Online


Ground Environment


Ground Environment brings stunning new photo-realistic ground detail to the Flight Simulator 2004 world.


The creator of the critically acclaimed Flight Environment, Peter Wilding, is back again. As Flight Environment transformed the skies with awesome new clouds and sunsets, Ground Environment brings stunning new photo-realistic ground detail to the Flight Simulator 2004 world.


As you’ve come to expect from Flight1, this package delivers much more for much less than you’d expect! While other replacement texture packages supply just one geographic area and or season, Ground Environment gives you the world, with the upgrade providing new textures for each of the four seasons. All for a fraction of what other packages might cost.


Ground Environment has been specially design to improve not just the textures, but improves autogen brilliantly – the result, when used with a package such as Ultimate Terrain, has been described as better than many photographic scenery packages!


Super Detailed Photo-Realistic Generic Textures - The terrain in Flight Simulator comes alive with all new texture sets for everything from deep river canyons, high mountain peaks, and everything in between.


Global Coverage / All Regions - The program includes terrain enhancements for all areas of the globe. We don't focus on one area in FS, we cover it all!


All Seasons - Texture enhancements to all seasonal textures to make your Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter seasons more enjoyable.


Perfectly Aligned Autogen - Our package incorporates autogen alignment techniques that surpass any other product. No longer will you have buildings or other autogen objects show up on roads or have misplacement in other areas of your scenery.


Night Textures - Newly enhanced night textures improve lighting during night time operations.



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