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:clap:Here is a brief out line of our trip first really long trip.kambalda to Bendigo and return. departed on 19th april at 6:30 am for forrest the forcast was for clear skys here but we had low clouds for three hours we arrived at forrest had a coffee with the sand in manager and a bit of a chat. departed forrest tracking for ceduna we climbed to 5500 hands off the stick miminum effort flying for about 3hours landed at ceduna refueled and of to the motel for the night as we lost 1.5hr of day light. next morning we departed for port pirie arrived at port pirie no one home as the fly in was on at Jamestown lots of traffic on the radio nice airport departed for bendigo and arrived at 5:00pm boy those boys fly large circuits the flight over was into a head wind on both days the plane performed with out a hitch and the sights are to been seen to be believed. We parked the plane at Bendigo for two weeks thank to the bendigo aero club for there parking place. Flying around were there is more traffic yhen we have in kambalda was very exciting for me with all the landing strips through victoria watching other aircraft tacking off/landing listerning to radio calls form aircraft tacking at other strips is all good . on saturday 3rd may we left Bendigo at 7:30 for the reverse trip with a head wind again 70kts got to port pirie then Ceduna and guess what:help: ....no fuel may be tuesday so we put 40lts mogas as we had 25lts avgas left in the tank sunday morning left Ceduna at 7:30 for Forrest guess what another head wind this time we got 80/85 knts weather forecast some showers coming from the west 100nm from Forrest there were isolated shower ok just fly around them a very light shower at the threshold landed got some fuel this time the owners were there very freindly people had a look at the museum a helicoater was coming in for fuel so the owner said i could put our plane in the hanger the heli pilot departed Ceduna about hour after use and he said he had to go to 8500 to get a 5kt tail wing . we departed for Kambalda the weather inproved but still a head wind 85kts about 100nm from kambalda we got a tail wind yeppy 110kt boy we where realy move land at kambalda we had a great trip . the next long trip will be to outback QLD a place called augustus downs then on to maningrida nt to see son and daughter. will in vic we called into the clear prop shop and picked up two more head set very good value our plane is a JAB LSA 002_wave.gif.62d5c7a07e46b2ae47f4cd2e61a0c301.gif



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