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Training Schools in the Gold Coast Area

Guest Sabre

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Guest Sabre

Hi all,


I was just wondering if there were any RAAus Flight Schools in the Gold


Coast area since I now there are a there are a few fields about. The


only one I could find was for Australia Pacific Aviation but that's all


I can dig up on them. No field or website . I cound ring a number I


found but I was hoping find more info online.





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This is the closest training group that I know of... There may be others closer but a brief search did not show up any


Boonah http://www.airsportqld.com.au/This being to the west ofGold Coast by around an hours drive.


Then there's Howard Hughes operation (Australian LightWing) out of ballina in northern NSW. Good plane to lean on the LightWing...







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Guest sypkens

Hi Sabre,


I trained through Australian Pacific. Unless you are willing to drive


to Redcliff or Caboolture you dont have many options for the gold


coast. Austalian's training is good but you are confined to Drifters


unless you have your own plastic. The best thing is there are a few


guys that have come through this training and we all fly together (drifters) which makes for a good social atmosphere. Also for local flying I can recommend the drifters for the area (ie you dont need a plastic for that whilst doing training). Email me if you wish to discuss. [email protected]





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Guest micgrace



I've been absent from the discussions due to moving house.


Possibly the best place for training if you are around the Gold Coast is to go to Boonah. 50 mins away.


Nice and quiet. Drifter, Allegro , gliders, instructor training available. Plus The Flying Tigers Club. 2 schools on site.


I've turned off going to Caboolture, as it's rather busy and you can't really get much done in an hour.


Just some thoughts.





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