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Meeting new friends

Guest ozzie

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I'm staying at my Sydney flat for a few days of work and just had a knock on the door from one of those "pesky salesmen", he was selling a new gas/power deal, combine everything sort of thing, so the deal sounded good andas ifilled out the form, the salesman remarked on the aviation photos and bits hanging on the wall, said he had flown the Nomad in the first photo. He dropped the right names and phrases that only those intermately involved with that fleet of Nomads would know.Turns out new mate ismoonlighting, selling gas to complete the purchase of a Tiger Moth. He has flown Scouts, got his u/l in a Thrusterand Jabirus.


So i have a good deal on my power and gasand an invitego for a fly in the Tiger.


A very pleasant change to what usually knocks aroundthis area.





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