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gemini/TST wing skins plus battens

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Guest TOSGcentral

These are an unusual set of wing covers! They were made for a TST but upgraded to T300/T500 batten specs while retaining the TST wing tip format so will go on any Gemini or TST.



They are virtually new, only a few hours flight time, and have very little fading. They will come back to totally original with a couple of coats of ArmorAll. One tiny hole in the upper panel of one wing with all Velcro and tensioning ties and batten restraining flaps - all in as new condition.



They are offered as a package only, inclusive of the 30 additional wing battens required (and these have been accurately re-profiled to TST original wing section)



Price is $2200 (no offers please this is just too good a deal) inclusive of the battens and freight to any Australian delivery point.



Preliminary Notice: There will be a totally complete enclosed cockpit assembly comprising pod, back panel, roof panels, windscreen and doors to fit Gemini or TST models (will also fit T300). I will throw in a set of side anti drag fairings as well.



Price to be advised and I will post again later on this one.






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