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Ion Aircraft


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Ion Aircraft: a plane built for two


While flying cars are probably not going to be seen on highways near you anytime soon, personal airplanes are becoming all the rage among the heavy-walleted jet set crowd. This Ion plane is a light sport aircraft that seats two and is currently under development for the purposes of "training, sightseeing, cross-country cruising, making your neighbors weep with jealousy, and generally having fun." Sounds about right. While they haven't gotten it off the ground yet due to issues with the canopy, it flies just great in computer simulations. That might not be enough to convince you to plunk down a deposit on one, but apparently folks are lining up trying to throw money at the designers in order to be the first to own one of the mini flyers. The development team hopes to have all the kinks worked out and the first models in the air sometime in 2008. As for pricing, it isn't available yet but it's safe to say a personal airplane isn't going to run cheap



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