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Drifter Magic

Guest Juliette Lima

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Guest Juliette Lima

Hi Drifter Lovers,


Ian kicked off discussion about the Aircam (twin 912 US drifter) elsewhere, however thought the videos on www.aircam.com would also be delightfiul viewing for us Drifter pilots who enjoy unrestricted vision when flying.


There are 16 videos in all however the Lake Powell clips are real 'Drifter magic' ....single or twin, the view up front is the same.







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Guest sceadu52jr

Fantastic scenery......I think I would be more at ease in those machines with the twin 912's than a single 503 with no floats!





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It would have been nice to see some protective headgear being worn.


The second motor doesn't prevent bumps to the head.:hittinghead:


Other than that, magic scenery in some videos and the plane seems to perform very well.:thumb_up:


It also has bit more windshield than normal to deflect the bugs.:big_grin:



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