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Point Cook News Bad?

Guest aaronb

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Guest aaronb

Hey Guys,


I was n another aviation forum and found this


"Yesterday the civilian tenants on the Southern Tarmac were given 30 days to vacate their Hangars by the Defence Department, while nearby Asbestos work is undertaken and their own Hangars are repaired or demolished.


No alternative accommodation is being offered either temporarily or permanently, no plans or proposals for the tenants to re-occupy the Hangars at a later date, it now appears that the RAAF intends to close the airfield to civilian use in the longer term.


No public consultation on the future strategy!


I understand at least 3 businesses and the local Flying Club are likely to be put out of business, and up 35 aircraft pushed off the site, including a flying school, vintage joyrides and the major Warbird operators.


A number of the Bellman Hangars being vacated are rumoured to be targetted for demolition!!"


ive heard some rumors my self, because i train down there, i hope they dont close it to all civil :( seeing all the schools and clubs close up, that would be bad, does anyone know any info at all?



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