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Main bulkhead frame

Guest terry

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Guest terry

Hi all, does any body have down in the back shed a main chromolly bulkhead frame for a thruster t500. As you all know I bent my thruster 3 months ago and am well on the way to repairing it. I had my main frame repaired because it was bent in two different places and now I have it back I've looked at it for two weeks and I'm just not happy with it.


I might have to get a new one made but before I do I thought it was worth asking the question.


Regards Terry



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Guest TOSGcentral

To assist Terry in his search (or people to know exactly what he wants) the following may be of assistance.


The component he is after is the black, chromalloy tubular structure that holds the four floor rails, the cockpit rear A frame tubes plug into and both the battery box and fuel tank mounts are welded to it.


This is a very strong bit of gear and they are difficult to break to an irrepairable state so the aircraft one is in would likely have been very badly damaged.


The bulkhead off a TST, T300 and T500 would suit the purpose as they are all the same (T500 has a couple of extra lugs and the tank mount is slightly different but this is easily fixed).


The Gemini and/or Glasshouse are no good as they were entirely different structures.


If anyone does have one then I am interested in what else may be left, or any Thruster bits that may be laying around - spare parts are becoming difficult and I need patterns from which to have certified components made.







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