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Aeropowered Skyfox

Guest CARL76

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Guest CARL76

I'm looking at buying an Aeropower powered Skyfox. I owned a similarly configured Skyfox some years back. I was warned at the time of my first purchase that it was vitally important to ensure that the maximum recommended CHT temp was never exceeded. On climb out, this was always difficult to comply with and this operation was usually performed at around 200 fpm to keep sufficient air flow over the cylinders, thus avoiding overheating. Not an ideal situation I think most would agree! Sometime after I'd sold the machine a LAME told me my CHT woes could have been cured simply by switching fuels from the recommended "super" MOGAS to AVGAS. However the Skyfox I'm lining up for now has never had a CHT temp. problem and has been operated exclusively on MOGAS with a lead replacement additive, except when that fuel was unavailable and AVGAS was substituted. On a recent trial flight, with my eyes glued to the CHT gauge, the aircraft maintained 200 - 220 at a climb rate of 500 fpm, 2 up with half fuel on a 25C day.


My question is, does anyone have a similar story to tell about CHT probs with Aeropower engines as I'm looking for an answer to this seeming inconsistency between these 2 aircraft.


Cheers - Carl



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