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Guest Prometheus

G'day all,


Firstly new to RAA, so this is all very exciting stuff. I've flown 58 hours GA (GFPT) and thought it was getting too expensive and impracticle. So I'm a convert!


My query relates to actual written and flight tests that are conducted.


Having my GFPT I've done BAK, Air Leg, Pre Solo and Pre Area Solo Tests


plus the Flight tests that go with 'em. I've done 3 cross country (dual) flights.


Do I have to sit the RAA tests relating to BAK etc.... or are my


previous GA tests sufficient? If the latter is the case, what


certificate am I entitled to receive after my RAA Student Certificate?


Cheers & thanks





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Hi Dave,


Welcome to the forum and the joys of affordable,


funflying. I know you'll enjoy the chats on this forum ... the


subjects are so varied and informative, and I know the rest of us will


appreciate your input and experiences.


To answer your query, RA-Aus issues its own Operations Manual (which I believe is in the process of being updated/revised). Take a look at our web site www.raa.asn.au (while


browsing this please substituteRA-Aus for AUF ... used to be known as


Aust Ultralight Federation but is now Recreational Aviation Aust [we


use the hyphen so as not tooffendthe Royal Automobile Association of




This web site lists thecontents of the Ops Manual andto answer your question take particular notice of section 2.12.1 (www.raa.asn.au/opsmanual/new2-12.html) and section 2.07.2(www.raa.asn.au/opsmanual/new2-07.html).


When you're ready to start your conversion you'll need to join RA-Aus


and be issued with a Student Pilot Certificate which will duly be


upgraded to Pilot Cert on completion of these requirements. All you


need to do now is find a good ultralight flying school, present your


PPL stuff, join up and you're on your way.


It sounds like you


are yet to be endorsed for Xcountry flight. Take a look at 2.07.7


forpolicy regarding this. I'm sure you'll find heaps more helpful


stuff on the RA-Aussite.


BTW where are you based, what aircraft have you been flying to date and what got you into flying?


Hope this helps,





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Guest Prometheus



thanks for that warm welcome.


I've been flying PA28's, C172's &0 C150' previously. Done two Flights in a Texan (see pic below) down at Penfield (Sunbury) with AirSports Flying School and I'm hooked! This thing has features and comfort that would leave some GA aircraft for dead!


Thanks for the links and the info. I applied for my Student Pilot


Certificate early last week so I should receive it shortly. There are


some great manuals on the site so might spend more time there from now


on. Taking my third flight in the Texan on Tuesday and can't wait. I


don't know why but I seem to be enjoying flying much more now than I


did before my two year break from flying.


You're right, didn't complete all the necessary cross country flights.


All up I've got 9 hours of dual cross country in the log book. I can


see it being much more comfortable in the Texan though with such a low


instrument panel compared to the 172's etc... Great visibility.


OK... What got me into flyng??? I was an AIRTC Cadet (and don't ask how long ago that was!)


at 15, went solo at 16 and gave the flying away due to Yr11 & 12


studies. Got back into it after I got married and settled down, but


even then as a hobby it was becoming more and more expensive for what


it was (especially at 36 litres and hour), ATC costs, medicals etc... So I haven't flown for two years prior to taking up LSA. I'm like a kid with a new toy!


My aim is to have my Pax and XCountry endorsements by Winters end. Weather permitting.









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