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Guest Carl Booth

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Guest Carl Booth

Two old dears are smoking their daily "enjoyment" together in the garden of old


folks home. It starts to drizzle however, and rather than be beaten by the moisture one of the dears whips out a condom and slips it over her cigarette ! The other quite astonished, looks, and asks .."Whats that and where did you get it ?"


"Its a condom, at the chemist" came the confident reply.


So off the inquisitive one goes to the Chemist, and rather unsure of herself asks ..


"I want a condom" Of course the Chemist is amused, and plays along with her ..


"well how big do want it dear ?' The old dear is perplexed, but wisely replies


"big enough for my Camel !" The Chemist was quite silent.



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