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Esqual VM-1

Guest palexxxx

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Guest palexxxx

Hi everyone,


Has anyone had any experience with the Esqual VM-1? It's a new plane which is distributed by Ultra Aviation, which appears to be another Bert Flood company. He is the distributor of Rotax engines for Australia.



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Guest Fred Bear

Try calling Malcolm Ferguson in Corowa who built one a couple of years back. 02 60331296. He had it on display at the second last Narromine. Nice machine VH-ECO but can of course be GA registered.


His is a short wing version; the newer one has a slightly longer wing.


Quite a fast aircraft.


Good luck.



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The Esqual VM-1 model is a design from Spain. Now the company http://www.limair.com from Belgium has the Property, ask for Robert.


I have flown a model with de Jabirus 3300.


The version was made carbon fiber and the first flight was great.


Make all check list and procedures.


Take off, 1 point flap, and gradually apply power on run for take off. Stick control aft and with nose wheel light very quickly comes on air. On the air the flight is amazing with great performance and no need to center the ball with pedals.


For traffic patern 1 point 130-120 Km/h on downwind,


on base 2 point 120-110 Km/h.


On Final Full Flap down and 100 KM/h.


For me the landing gear is not very well designed for unpaved runways. Too bumpy on green grass surfaces. And the struts do not have shock absorber, only flexing tubes. Nose gear wheel free, and steering controlled by differential braking on main gear wheels.


Another problem is to find spare parts, and repair damaged components.


The designer and pilot of the aircraft died while flying this aircraft performing a looping too close of ground with a dutch pilot.


After that I have heard of another two fatal accidents, in Spain.


This aircraft is for experimented pilots, due its high performances.


The aircraft is made on glassfiber and with several engines. Also seems to be another replicas, different Name, and slights modifications at USA.





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Hi Esqual


Welcome to the forums. There is an aircraft that looks similar to the Esqual that looks very impressive http://www.arionaircraft.com/Sport%20Lightning.htmlThe Australian agent is Dennis Bourchard ( who also built an Esqual ) 08 8767 2145 I believe a good number of them are under contruction already in Australia.




Ed Ed Herring



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