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Training for the future!

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Hi guys,


I have been reading this forum for a while now and it is really inspiring to see people with real passion for what they do. I have been doing a lot of research in something that interests me a great deal and that is learning and teaching techniques. I’ve read of people wondering if recreational aviation has peaked and my feeling is that we haven’t even scratched the surface of what is possible. The biggest obstacle to growing this enlightening pass time in my opinion is the limited training systems employed and the perceived negative safety aspect of flying.


We seem to be making great gains on improving cockpit ergonomics and pilot aircraft interface (glass cockpits, gps, ect ect) and aircraft design but the training systems employed to teach pilots belongs to the previous century. The emergence of these new modern aircraft(and for that matter any aircraft,who dosnt want to be a better pilot) requires the same advances in teaching methods and the only way to achieve this on the scale that the recreational aviation requires is with cutting edge technology and 21st century teaching methods.


Im not advocating that we reinvent the wheel and use experimental techniques on students but that we look around to see what successful systems are already being utilized by teaching institutions such as university’s to teach their students remotely using the internet ect. If you look at what makes this forum so enjoyable and encourages people to return is the fact that real people are able to interact and express their opinions. In other words its not passive it actually facilitates active learning and knowledge sharing. We need to take this approach with training.


Here are a few sites that may give ideas as to how to accomplish this.










These are just a few sites that show case systems that could be adapted to the RAAus to train and maintain students that is interactive and not passive like the material we use now for training. Surely Casa would look favorably on the RAAus if we could show them that we are serious about training. Systems like these would help instructors to keep in touch with their student’s progress where ever they are.


Another aspect of training that I know others have talked about is the different learning types and styles that students possess. Currently the system of learning is aimed a type of learning method that might be ok for the technically minded read and accept type of student but that method is not appropriate for every one. We must remember that every one deep down wants to fly and this one dimensional teaching method only acts as a barrier to the growth of recreational flyers.






I have only scraped the surface of this subject but in conclusion what I propose is an internet base interactive training hub that could act as a central gate way to all students, instructors,RAAus and interested parties, ie out side lecturers.


If we implemented a system like this there is no boundary to where or what we could utilize it for. Just a few could be


Guest safety,training,product lectures


Online student exams


Instructor training


Real time student instructor training, lectures.


Access to training programs


Flight simulator access geared to RAAus specific air craft


Product reviews




Student learning type and style evaluation.


Flying school info and connecting students to a compatable instructors


RAAus development notices


Relavent web sites links


Ect ect ect


I hope this makes sense to someone


What do you think?


Regards Stephen



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Hi Ken,


The format I suggested isnt new tecnology the difference would be that it would be centrally coordinated and available for all flight schools and students to access.


It could become a frame work for any RAAus people to use for many purposes.


This cost of this technology would have to be spread across the industry.


I assume as an progressive organization the Raaus must be looking to always improve training.


The way I see it is that it will be done as lilydale airport has done as a go it alone approach or it can be a coordinated effort.


The site itself could be set up to recruit new students and then refered to suitable flight schools.


Regards Stephen



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Guest Jetgirl

Hi, interesting subject. We are presently working on incorporating internet based training into our school. A bit premature for me to comment too much yet but stay tuned. The other part of my our company is IT development. I shall leave the rest to your imagination at the moment.





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